Superior performance from a lightweight steel roofing system
that adds dynamic curb appeal to any building or home along
with outstanding fire, wind and hail resistance.

Proven worldwide for over 40 years, our stone coated steel roofing systems provide unmatched performance and durability against the toughest elements nature has to offer. Zincalume coated 26-gauge steel provides the base for all our produced components to weather the storm.

ISO 9001 certified for consistent manufacturing and quality assurance

50-year limited warranty, non pro-rated for first 20 years and transferable

Class “A”  fire resistant material, interlocking panels protect against wind blown embers penetrating roof and deck areas, unlike some other Class “A”  roofing materials

1 1/2# per square foot install weight eliminates structural concerns

Impact resistant steel base, Class 4 rated, the highest available per UL-2218 testing protocols